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Storage & care

  Storage and treatment of handmade jewelry made of seed beads and natural stones

  Beaded Jewelry should be properly stored to live as long as possible. Here are some rules for storage and care:

1. Beaded Jewelry should not crumple, twist, wringing. Handmade jewelry should be stored in the boxes far away from sun rays.

2. Beaded Jewelry should be stored in the expanded state.

3. Do not wash beaded jewelry, do not clean with water or alcohol.

4. For cleaning beaded jewelry you can use a damp sponge or a special flannel cloth. Dry items of beads should be in the expanded state. To clear the darkened locks, rings, pendants, you can use tooth powder (not paste). Pictures from beads (if they are not under glass) can be cleaned from dust with special brushes made of feathers or flannel cloth.

5. You can wear jewelry after applying cosmetics, perfumes, styling product. Carefully put on and put off.

If you adhere to these simple rules, your handmade jewelry will be a long time to serve you and make you happy.